Umbrella Earth campaign

A healthy land is one of the important and influential factors for a healthy life, so we planted saplings hand in hand for a greener land.
The earth, this amazing blue green, which was his warm and familiar home from the day man took his first step.
Today, it is as if the earth has fixed its old eyes on our hands. To hands that should be a little kinder.
We, the Umbrella team, in cooperation with Khwarazmi University, wanted to pay a part of our religion to our home – our land.
In this action, Umbrella associates were asked to be with us along this path and participate in planting saplings with their own names by sending their videos along with Umbrella products.
In this action, 1,300 saplings were planted in the names of Umbrella companions in Kharazmi University.
You can also follow us for the next steps by filling out the seedling planting form and receive your green love receipt for the earth.

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