Zenon Mouthwash, Mod. Smart- White

This mouthwash is a strong whitening product having a highly effective bleaching function, additionally preventing dental sensitivity because of its potassium citrate content, repairing and preventing carries due to sodium fluoride forming an ingredient and finally a cooling effect by its menthol effect and therefore, covers any need of the aforesaid category.


– Whitening, brightening, moisturizing and plaque and spot removing effects
– Mouth cleaning & cooling effect; preventing plaques, caries and discoloration.
– Lowering sensitivity, repairing carries and cooling mouth
– Disinfectant effect; containing highly active whitening elements , menthol, fluoride and CPC.

Zenon mouthwash, mod. pro- relief

Containing desensitizing ingredients this mouthwash is helpful to those having sensitive teeth and gingiva in the way that with potassium citrate content it brings reduction to sensitivity of teeth specially upon taking chilled and hot meals and drinks. This alcohol- free mouthwash will reduce sensitivity and dry mouth while mitigating such complications ad development of dental plaques, alleviating pain in oral cavity and sensitivity of teeth due to such ingredients as allantois and vit.B5; moisturizing mouth because of sorbitol and finally fighting oral bacteria and freshening the breath with its CPC content as this antibacterial material prevents formation of a bacterial bond with dental surface and hence, caters for every need of this category.


– Tooth & gingiva protecting and antibacterial effects; preventing plaques and caries.
– Breath moisturizing, cooling, tooth alleviating and dry mouth preventing function.
– Alcohol- free, sensitive teeth & gingiva friendly, mitigating inflammation and pain and finally reducing sensitivity to cool and hot food.
– Disinfectant, containing such ingredients as zinc, fluoride ,eucalyptus essence, allantois and CPC.

Zenon Mouthwash, mod. Multi- Action

With such multiple effects as anti-caries, antibacterial ,anti- inflammatory and anti- plaque agents this mouthwash caters for all needs as it reduces possibility of plaque formation and gingiva inflammation and pain due to containing CPC as a strong antibacterial agent while preventing initial decadence process because of fluoride, moisturizes mouth due to sorbitol as an ingredient and finally cools mouth space with its menthol content.


Bringing full cleanliness to teeth and gingiva, pleasant smell to breath and protection to oral system.
– Preventing development of plaques, caries, dry mouth and teeth discoloration.
– Initial caries repairing mouth moisturizing and cooling
– Disinfectant, oral bacteria fighting; containing fluoride ,menthol and CPC.

Zenon mouthwash, mod.pro- health, for children

With its unique child friendly ingredients this mouth wash disinfects oral space by CPC content; repairs caries by sodium fluoride and finally controls the action of effective bacteria by hydrolyzed milk protein. This alcohol- free mouthwash is away from any burning and oral mucus stimulating effect.


– Mouth cleaning & disinfecting; bacterial development, plaques and dental caries preventing
– Breath freshening, teeth protecting and strengthening effects.
– Initial dental caries repairing feature, alcohol- free , burning and sensitivity preventing.
– Unique child friendly formulation, containing milk protein , calcium, menthol and CPC

Zenon Tooth past, Mod. Multi- action


– Containing full safe specialized antimicrobial elements
– Antiplaque, anti-caries, desensitizing and anti-inflammatory.
– Preventing gingival degeneration
– Whitening without development of dental sensitivity
– Proper to daily usage Proper to daily usage

Zenon Tooth past, Mod. Pro-relief


– Mitigating tooth pain from sensitivity upon first use .
– Alleviating tooth pain and sensitivity from cool and hot materials.
– Reducing gingival inflammation and burn .
– Containing desensitizing ingredients, fully safe and free from side effects
– Proper to daily usage

Zenon Tooth past, Mod. Smart- White


– Tooth whitening & brightening without raising sensitivity
– Removing dental yellow and dark spots from taking tea, coffee and smoking
– Containing desensitizing and enamel strengthening elements
– Proper to daily usage

Zenon Tooth past, Mod. pro- health, for children


– Containing safe antimicrobial , and anti-caries elements

– With essential amino acids for child tooth and mouth

– Gingiva strengthening

– Stimulating gingival growth because of natural milk protein

– With strawberry taste and smell

– Proper to daily usage.

Zenon Dental Floss, Mod. PRO- RELIEF


-Interdental and inaccessible points cleaning function with menthol taste.
-Preventing caries & plaques; sensitive teeth & gingiva friendly.
– Thin and strong, without erasure and stringing

Zenon Dental Floss, Mode. SMART- WHITE


– Interdental & Inaccessible points cleaning function; with menthol taste
– Preventing development of caries, plaques and dental and oral complications .
– Preventing dental discoloration; thin and strong.

Zenon Dental floss, Mod. MULTI- ACTION


– Interdental & inaccessible points cleaning function; with menthol tastes.
– Preventing development of plaques, caries and dental & oral complications.
– Ultimately thin for highly narrow interdental space cleaning.